Wedding for TWO

Wedding for two
A private Day just for two, a wedding Day for “TWO” organized by Lake Maggiore Weddings Wedding Planner
A magical event where the only you are invited, a day where you promise to each other with just a Civil or Symbolic ceremony, what can be more romantic?
“Always remember that the number of breaths you do in life is irrelevant, what matters … are the moments that I will take away your breath!”
Wedding for two was created just for you. To give the opportunity to demonstrate in a single gesture the love you feel for your partner.
Lake Maggiore Weddings Planner will advise and arrange surprises and ideas to thrill your sweetheart and make your very romantic “breath-taking moment”.
Lake Maggiore Wedding Planner and his team are at your side to organize: anniversaries, marriage proposals, announcement of a new birth, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or just romantic moments, dedicating to eachother, celebrating your love.

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